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Wall Texture and Paint

Choosing Paint and Wall Texture


Tired of your wall color or perhaps you have wallpaper that is no longer your style? Custom Baths can remove your wallpaper, add texture and repaint to give you the look you want.

Color and texture adds style, character, and ambience to bathrooms. Get a bathroom color that suits your style and attitude. Here are a few bathroom color ideas and tips for choosing just the right bathroom paint color.

Set a Mood

Do you want your bathroom to be relaxing or energizing? Do you want it to have a classic, timeless look or a contemporary, trendy style? Follow these color guidelines to set the mood of your bathroom:

  • Cool and muted colors send a soothing message. A room dressed in pale blue with gray undertones, for instance, will have a calming effect. Create a spa-like retreat by using moss and sea greens. Colors from earth and nature convey a peaceful, tranquil feeling. To break out of the norm, try periwinkle blue; because it is within the cool spectrum of the color wheel, it maintains a calm mood while adding a color pop.
  • Rich, deep colors will make your bathroom feel warm and cozy. Look for hues in the warm spectrum of the color wheel, such as ruby, aubergine, and gold. Envision the colors of wines and Tuscan friezes. Warm colors also support an elegant decorating style.
  • Peach, apricot, terra-cotta, and pink tones provide a cozy feeling. In addition, these warm colors are flattering to skin tones.
  • Vibrant primary colors energize your room and motivate you. Fill your bathroom with reds, blues, and yellows — as well as bright variations of these hues, such as tangerine and teal — to radiate an upbeat, positive vibe.
  • Neutral colors never go out of style. To create a sophisticated look, choose medium-value browns and creams, such as bisque and ivory, that are warm but not overpowering. You can always add color to a neutral palette with linens, accessories, and decorative items.

Create a Visual Effect

Do you want to make your tiny bathroom feel larger or bring down a tall ceiling? Use color to visually change the perceived size and shape of your bathroom.

  • Wash your walls in a pale shade to make a small bathroom feel airy. Choose a tone that is similar to the flooring or fixtures to really brighten and open the room. And paint the ceiling the same color as the walls.
  • Embrace a small space such as a powder room. Paint its walls and even the ceiling a deep, elegant color, and treat it like royalty.
  • Paint an accent color on the ceiling to draw the eye upward, making a room feel taller.
  • Coat the walls of a large bathroom with a dark hue to add cozy depth. This effect is especially warm and inviting in a spacious master bath. If you are hesitant to paint the walls too dark, add a darker value to the ceiling to create the illusion that the room is smaller.