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Doors and Windows

Choosing Doors and Windows

While Custom Baths is remodeling your bathroom it can be the perfect time to update or replace the window(s) in your bathroom. Or update and replace doors in the bathroom.


Whether you have an outdated block window, windows without privacy texture or just aluminum windows that need to be upgraded to vinyl, now is the time to consider adding these improvements to your project. It is the perfect time while we are already doing construction in the room. We can even close in the window completely if you prefer not to have a window in the bathroom. Our designer can work with you to make the right decision about your window replacement.


Have a door from your bathroom to the outside of the home? While you are having the bathroom remodeled we would strongly recommend you consider replacing the door to the outside of the house. It will most likely increase the efficiency of the door and you can add color or style to the bathroom with a nice new door.