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As our name suggests, we focus on one thing – bathrooms. Big…small…master baths…guest baths…powder rooms. We do them all! We’re able to tackle almost any project. Custom Baths is a custom design-build bathroom remodeling business that serves Northwest Arkansas. We are locally owned and operated. Our business is about the art of designing and building a bathroom to fit our client’s needs.

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Custom Baths has over 20 years of bathroom remodeling experience in the NWA area. We are a full Service Bathroom Remodeling & Construction Company specializing in bathrooms. We also do other types of residential remodeling both interior & exterior. We believe in the Golden Rule, treating others the way we want to be treated. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service, and we truly believe in making your dreams a reality. At Custom Baths we focus on doing high quality work at an affordable price. We treat your home as our home, and not just another job. Our Staff is also courteous and professional. We want each and every customer to feel like they received value for the money spent. We stand behind what we do, long after we are finished.

Centerton Bathroom Remodeling Company: Making Your Bathroom More Functional

A bathroom is no longer a place where you rush in to take a shower, brush your teeth and rush to get out. It has become a place to relax and renew yourself. Because of this, many homeowners are giving great importance to their bathroom designs. Most homeowners will renovate a bathroom at some point in their life. An experienced Centerton bathroom remodeling company can help you make your bathroom look and feel more attractive and transform it into a place for relaxation.

You may want to have your bathroom remodeled because of its outdated design or poor functionality. You may also consider renovating your bathroom for improving the ventilation or getting some major repairs done. Sometimes older bathrooms offer too little storage space and you’d like to remodel to create some extra storage. You may need to replace your old, outdated and worn bathroom fixtures with new ones. While taking care of small repairs, you might realize that your entire bathroom needs renovation. A qualified Centerton bathroom remodeling company may be the perfect solution. Custom Baths renovates bathrooms for a living. Therefore, we can guide you towards improving the look of your bathroom.

Centerton Bathroom Remodeling Company: Spa Ideas for Remodeling

Spas are all the rage these days. They help people to relax and rejuvenate. It seems that every homeowner wants to have a spa in their own home, and the bathroom is the ideal place for it. No matter how small your bathroom is, a qualified Centerton bathroom remodeling company can make it look and feel like a spa.

Consider adding multiple shower heads with different spray actions. You can choose a large rain shower head that mounts in the ceiling or one that pours out a sheet of water like a waterfall. You can have a wall of full body sprayer heads or even a steam shower. And don’t forget the heated towel rack for those toasty towels just like the ones at your favorite spa. To get all these things installed, and add the true feeling of a spa, you don’t need to have a huge bathroom. Of course of you have the space and the budget then the sky’s the limit. If you want to convert your outdated bathroom into a luxurious spa, contact Custom Baths today.

Centerton Bathroom Remodeling Company: The Perfect Options

When decide to have your bathroom renovated, you will have many options to choose from. There is an amazing selection of vanities, cabinets, toilets, shower surrounds and tubs to choose from. You can buy matching shower and sink fixtures, towel racks and other fittings to be installed in your bathroom. A reliable Centerton bathroom remodeling company like Custom Baths can help you to choose the best fixtures for your bathroom.

By investing in the water saving faucets and shower heads, you can make your bathroom eco-friendly and save water at the same time. You can also opt for the new toilet models which require minimum water. The newer models use just half the volume of water per flush, compared to the older models. By using the newer toilets you can save huge volumes of water every year. You can consult your designer to learn about the latest eco-friendly remodels available.

Centerton Bathroom Remodeling: Making the Right Choices

A bathroom can be renovated without breaking out any walls or making changes in the plumbing. However, the walls can be moved make the bathroom more spacious. Surface remodeling projects are easier. If you don’t have problems with the present layout, then you won’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on renovation. It depends on the present condition of the bathroom and if there is any water damages. After a through inspection, Custom Baths can tell you whether your bathroom needs surface remodeling or complete renovation. At the same time, if you want to give a completely new look and feel to your bathroom, you might need to tear out a few walls and rebuild the bathroom. Sometimes such a major overhaul is required in homes where the bathroom is antiquated and completely worn out and your floors are damaged due to extensive moisture damage. A complete renovation project can include a lot of work such as demolition, tearing out and replacing the plumbing, electrical and insulation and installing new drywall. You will also need to replace the flooring, cabinets as well as the fixtures. Custom Baths can handle these big projects with ease. You need to consider your budget while planning a renovation. You may need to talk to a Custom Baths designer about your budget. A surface remodeling usually doesn’t involve as much money as a complete renovation. If you have a limited remodeling budget, you may want to stick with a surface remodel and avoid a more costly complete tear-out. You may also explore the possibility of enhancing the look by keeping the weight bearing walls intact. If you move the weight bearing walls, this can be bit of an expense. If you plan to shift the position of your fixtures, you will have to get the plumbing redone in your bathroom. Determine if you can remodel the bathroom without changing the layout. This will help you save money. A reliable Bella Vists bathroom remodeling company like Custom Baths can help you make easy work of your bathroom remodel. If you are remodeling your home, your bathroom is one area you cannot afford to ignore and it should reflect your individuality and sense of style. It only makes sense to create an inviting and relaxing space, considering the amount of time an average person spends in a bathroom. Custom Baths is your best choice when you want to create a functional, relaxing and attractive space.

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